Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here’s a little story for you. When my brother was 8 and I was 5, my dad decided we would be able to choose a Christmas present for my mom. To be honest, no one can remember what I chose since my brother’s gift was so…um…memorable. My brother loved the Atari. What boy didn’t? So, naturally he chose the game Frogger.
For the Atari.
For my mother.
So when my husband and I put into effect a limit of $35 on Christmas presents, you can imagine my shock in receiving a Kindle. Now that’s love. Or was it genius. You decide. That evening I found myself looking at my husband read the first downloaded book to the Kindle. It wasn’t Anita Shreve, Geraldine Brooks, or Ann Patchett. It was something like Selling Power or The Cold Call Gone Hot. After a few weeks of sharing my new present, my husband so kindly downloaded the Kindle to my Blackberry. And then it dawned on me…I had been Froggered.
With my birthday and Christmas right around the corner, I am now lobbying for an iPad. It’s either that or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from turning pages almost constantly on my Blackberry. So to all my friends out there, remind my husband of my wish as he claims those two days sneak up on him every year.


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