Tuesday, August 9, 2011


What child doesn’t love chocolate? Mine sure do. I guess that lets you in on a little secret… I give my kids sweets, and dessert might just be a major meal in our house. That’s why we love this book! Chocolatina by Erik Kraft is the story of Tina, a little girl who loves chocolate. That’s how she gets the nickname Chocolatina. Chocolate milk, chocolate cereal, fruit salad covered by chocolate…the usual. Tina’s health teacher, Mrs. Ferdman gives the students prunes and makes them repeat “You are what you eat.” So one night, Tina makes that wish one day as she bites off the ear of a chocolate bunny. Then, it happened. Tina turns into a chocolate girl, reminiscent of Chocolate Fever. Tina runs into some trouble at school: her best friend won’t sit next to her because she doesn’t want to get chocolate on her shirt, she misses the word ‘cocoa’ during the spelling bee, and she begins to melt during recess. Tina’s biggest problem is facing Mrs. Ferdman. Although Mrs. Ferdman preaches healthy eating, she shows her true colors by trying to take a bite out of Tina’s right ear. Poor Tina makes another wish to be normal again. Wish granted. Taste for chocolate still intact.

*On the last page, there are no words but a picture. Infer what has happened.
*Read Pinkalicious and make text-to-text connections.


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